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Boticator is a system that facilitates the analysis of onsite data and drawing conclusions based on it. We give you a tool that will easily analyze the data of your online website and show you tips and conclusions to be applied by you.

How Boticator works?

We connect with different data collecting system like Google Search Console, Google Analytics etc. and merge data to get most valuable insights.

Main Website KPI

You can monitor main KPIs of your website. For example, Clicks (traffic), Impressions (potential), CTR (% of clicks) and Positions (at Google Search). You can segment by device – different data for mobile and other for desktop or both combined.

Google Search visibility

 With Boticator you can follow the development of your website. See how many keywords your website is visible in Google Search Рmobile vs desktop.

We have the most accurate data using the Google Search Console API.


Google Search Visibility by ranges

Monitor and analyse keyword visibility by ranges – TOP3, 10, 20, 50, 100 and gruped by devices (mobile, desktop, tablet).

Data comparison – % of queries for a website by different tools

  • Searchmetrics
  • GSC User Interface
  • Ahrefs
  • Boticator

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